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Long Term Care

Knowledgeable and experienced agents will explain why you should think about buying long term care insurance and help you protect your assets and savings from the high cost of long term care services while enabling you to decide the type of care you receive.

Our agents will help you:

  • Stay in Control of Your Assets While You're Healthy
  • Maintain Dignity
  • Have coverage for Home Care and Assisted Living Facilities

We provide you with:

  • Options - we can present two or more plans from a number of A-rated insurance companies
  • Individual evaluation - because every individual has different needs for LTC, we find the plan best suited to you based on price and features
  • Expertise - independent agents can provide you with the best insurance at an affordable cost
  • Service - Long after the policy has been written, our agents are available to take your telephone calls, explain your coverage, and assist with any questions.

Choosing a LTC Policy
How a LTC Insurance Policy Works 
LTC Issues 
LTC Partnership 
LTC Tax Issues